Heroes of the Horn - Faction Mods

Faction Moderator Staff Responsibilities

Faction leaders are expected to moderate for their faction. These moderation duties include:

  • Welcome new members and plot with them
  • Help update applications that are ready for Raising (primarily within Towers)
  • Make sure threads posted in boards used by the faction are labeled correctly
  • Move thread posted in faction boards to "Tales of the Fourth Age" when completed


  • Shape the world
  • Build our community
  • Access to Staff Actions on the site (moving threads)
  • Free custom graphics
  • Input on site direction
  • Exception from activity checks when working on site projects
  • The ability to reserve a face claim indefinitely


  • Character active for 2 months
  • Active in Discord
  • Knows canon and site lore
  • Stellar application/bio
  • Can commit to monthly staff meetings
  • Can commit to outlined staff duties