Information Concerning Events

Please read Our Timeline, which details all events that have occurred previous to the beginning of our role play here. Going forward, there will be a yearly "time jump" on March 21st (the Spring Equinox) and a coordinating Winter Night/Beltine event to keep time progressing on this site. Threads may continue as normal, regardless of the jump, and simply be marked "historical" if they are no longer in the current year. As a fun extra, we will also create seasonal holiday events to mark the progression of the year and give members and characters alike something fun to look forward to and participate in.

For additional Wheel of time Holidays, see our Farede Calender.

We also have many other in-character and out-of-character events for members to participate in and those can be found below.

IC Events

Past Events:
(Ongoing Events that take place in the past)

A Circle of 13: Project Boring*

Current Events:
(Events going on right now)


Future Events:
(Events that will take place in the future)

The Two Towers: Bonding Ceremony Event*

Closed Events
(Completed Events)

Winternight and Bel Tine Event

The Two Towers: A Delegation to Remember

*Open to new participants


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