Current Events

Currently, Mogheiden views herself as THE Chosen and leader of all those who serve the Dark. She is soon to find how much work being a self-proclaimed Nae'blis really is.

Before the Bonding Ceremony in Tar Valon, there were near simultaneous assassination attempts on the M'Hael and Amyrlin Seat. These attempts were carried out by two separate factions within the Darkfriend ranks and were basically attempts to "one up" the other. This competition foils Moghedien's carefully laid plans and causes only the M'Hael to be assasinated, and before bonding with the Amyrlin Seat. The unsuccessful assassins, however, left clues that point to each Tower as the culprit, concealing the Darkfriends' involvement while sowing discord between the Towers.

Julian Damodred was the only witness to the murder of Jadin Al'Vyron, the newly elected leader of the Black Tower. He believes the Aes Sedai are innocent, but many doubt him.

Darkfriend Factions

There are three factions within the Darkfriends in the Westlands, each technically under Moghedien, and led by one or more canon characters:

The Black Ajah is headed by Avyanna Sarat, and is based in the White Tower.

The Shadow Legion once led by Atal, is now leaderless with most of the Shadow Brothers in the Black Tower having fled after the Tower War.

The Dark Assasins are under the direction of Zamon aided by Liandrin and Alviarin, based in the Blight.

Historical Event

A Circle of 13: Project Boring by The Dark One
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13 Darkfriends Involved in Reopening the Bore:

  1. Alviarin Freidhen
  2. Atal Mishraile

  3. Zamon
  4. Liandrin Guirale

  5. Moghedien


Coming Soon

Project Assassin: the brainchild of Zamon (Tseia's NPC Dreadlord), has met approval.

This will be a brutal training program, developed over a few decades, intended to create deadly human weapons who are irrevocably obedient to their Dreadlord Masters. Low-level Compulsion tied to an intrinsic need, a la Moghedien with Liandrin, will insure loyalty. Once it's written up, other people can create characters that are products of this program.