112 FA / January 1, 2021


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The entire continent, with some notable exceptions, mourns the loss of a great man. The M’Hael of the Black Tower was brutally murdered while en route to unite the Towers, and more personally himself, to the Amyrlin Seat in a joint bonding ceremony at the White Tower at the end of the summer. He and his party had been traveling to the event on horseback, something that had become somewhat of a regular occurrence for them. The Black Tower’s men have not traveled directly to Tar Valon since the Tower War, possibly as a sign of contrition.

While camping for the night, the M’Hael was assassinated and the assassin(s) are still at large. There is much speculation on who could be responsible for this horrific act. The Black Tower has many enemies and there are plenty who do not wish to see the two Towers joined, possibly even within the Towers themselves. Each Tower has released a statement of intent to find the perpetrator(s) and hold them accountable. They have each formed their own committee to investigate the matter but have assured the public they will be working together to put a right to this wrong.

There has been no mention of whether Aiel peacekeepers are conducting their own investigation, and they have refused to comment. The M’Hael was in fact, part Aiel himself, but grew up in Andor and did not follow their customs.

Until a new M’Hael is elected, the Black Tower is currently being run by the Tsorovan'm'hael, while the Baijan'm'hael is seeing to the nation of Caralain.

Whispers on the Wind
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Andor's Broken Sword
Yet again, the nation mourns the loss of its First Prince of the Sword. Gareth Trakand was killed while heroically defending the M'Hael. Andor might want to think twice before sending her sons to the Black Tower from now on. There is much speculation on who the Daughter Heir might appoint in his stead, but at the time of this publication, she has refused to comment on the subject. It is unknown if this is a decision she will be free to make on her own, or if her mother and the Tower will influence her choice.

Battle in the BLIGHT!
The fighting continues in the Borderlands, to keep the blight at bay. All the nations have suffered losses at the hands, claws, and even hooves of the monsters that continue to barrage the Westlands. While the raids don't seem to be increasing in frequency lately, they have not slowed either. These hiddeous beasts must be defeated, for the safety of us all!

Tower Exchange program:
Despite troubles with the Towers, they have decided to proceed with their exchange program. Initiates at the Dedicated/Accepted level will be training together, hopefully to the benefit of both.

Winter Holidays!
The Festival of Lights is in full swing. That means raising cermonies to honor those in the Towers who have graduated from Soldier or Novice into Dedicated and Accepted. The following characters have progressed in the past year:

• Cirus

The Peddler Press
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Randland is looking for royalty!
If you think you have what it takes to rule a nation, then check out our adoptables here!

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Help Wanted!
ATOTW is looking for moderators! If taking on extra responsibility for free is something you are into, DM our staff to find out the necessary qualifications!


Hungry for Honeycakes?
Try Mistress Rallo’s award winning recipe found here! It beat out the longtime favorite by Mistress al’Vere which came in second place this year! The traditional Al’Vere recipe can be found here.


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Grand Opening!
October 4th, 2020 was the official opening date for our site! We kicked things off with an Amaetheon celebration of joyful remembrance for those who were lost along the way. You can read that thread here. opening New Members!
This past year we welcomed some awesome new mebers! We are so glad to have AJ, Alianora, and CarlSailor join our community!

Contest Winners!
Congratulations to our Members' Choice Winners! Jenny is both our Most Gif-ted member, and our resident Pot-Stirrer. Nat is the most In-The-Know, and Alianora won Most Likely to Win Without Knowing They Were Nominated! In related news, The Horn of Valere was found by AJ, despite the Dark One's best efforts to hide it.
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This year, we will be bringing back our Wheel of Time bookclub. Last year we finished the first book, so this year we will be starting with book two, The Great Hunt. Watch our announcements on Discord for exact dates and times!


Spring is coming!
Spring is right around the corner! Don't forget our annual time jump is set for March 20th. Threads from 112 FA should be wrapped up by that point, but any that aren't will be marked as "historical" until they are completed.