The One Power or True Source is made up of Five Elemental Powers: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit.

A channeler's overall strength in the Power can be judged on a scale from 0-12 as seen to the right.

To assign strengths to each of the Five Powers, use your overall strength score as an average for the total sum.

Example: OP Score: 5

Earth: 5
Air: 3
Fire: 8
Water: 4
Spirit: 5
5 Powers Total: 25
(25/5= an average of 5)

The chart below details the strength ratings of the Five.

Five Powers

Five Powers Chart


For a list of Weaves and Affinities please see our post in the Library of our World Archives:

Weaves of the One Power

One Power Strength

One Power Chart


Unlike the One Power statistics (both overall and the breakdown of the Five), Weapons are available to every character, not just those who can Channel. While not every character will have skill within the various categories, everyone may.

Weapon Strength Chart**Any rating ABOVE Master Level is beyond human bounds and only achievable with some form of One Power aid, such as those included in the Warder Bond.**

The categories are:

Martial: (Hand to Hand, no weapons)

Hand-held: (swords, hammers, axes, etc.)

Stave: (quarter staff, spears, etc.)

Thrown: (knives, daggers, etc.)

Ranged: (bows, etc.)

Mounted: (mainly for horse, but may also apply to raken)

The chart to the right details the skill with any category from 0-10.