On A Turning of the Wheel, we have decided to define "Talents" as those inborn abilities that, whether associated with the One Power or not, do NOT require active channeling. Descriptions of each Talent can be found to the right. Requirements and characters with claimed Talents below.

Yellow = Rare

Red = Very Rare Talents at this level are unlikely to be approved unless they mesh well with the concept and include an excellent biography.

Just because your OP score may make it possible for you to do any of these, you cannot do them all. Talents aren't learned. It's either something you can do or something you can't. Due to their rarity, Talents will only be approved for exceptional biographies in limited numbers.

Talents can undergo an in-character discovery process, which can require several posts to develop from scratch. Talents do not need to be chosen at character creation, but must be approved by staff before starting this process. In order to develop talents through play, you should have three posts minimum demonstrating the emergence of the new Talent, experimentation with its properties, and mastery of the completed Talent.


Talent Air Earth Fire Spirit Water
Dreaming - - - - -
Dreamwalking - - - - -
Flexible Shielding - - - 3 -
Foretelling - - - - -
Listening to the Wind 3 - - - 3
Ravenkin - - - - -
Read Residue 3 3 3 3 3
Read Ter'angreal 3 3 3 3 3
Sense Saidin 3 3 3 3 3
Sense Saidar 3 3 3 3 3
Sense Ta'veren 3 3 3 3 3
Sniffing - - - - -
Viewing - - - - -
Wolf Brother - - - - -


Dreaming**: The ability to enter Tel'aran'rhiod from one's sleep, and to have prophetic dreams of what might be.

Dreamwalking**: The ability to enter Tel'aran'rhiod and control people's dreams.

Flexible Shielding: The ability to hold a shield that even a much stronger channeler cannot break through. Instead of breaking, the shield stretches and bends.

Foretelling: The ability to see part of the Pattern. Very rare. Although always true, Foretellings are often very difficult to interpret.

Listening to the Wind: Senses weather, but also less literal storms such as upcoming battles.

Ravenkin**: Sharper vision, enhanced memory. Can communicate with and see through the eyes of ravens.

Read Residue: All channelers can detect the residue of weavings, but some have this ability so refined that they can read and duplicate a weaving as much as two days after it has dissipated.

Read Ter'angreal: Channelers with this Talent can examine a ter'angreal and determine its use.

Sense Saidin: The female ability to sense male channelers holding the Source. A very rare talent.

Sense Saidar: All male channelers can sense when women are holding Saidar near them (goosebumps form on their flesh); with this Talent, they can tell which woman is wielding Saidar and how strong they are. Very rare.

Sense Ta'veren: The ability to sense that someone is ta'veren.

Sniffing**: The ability to smell violence and those who have done violence, the worse the violence, the stronger the smell.

Viewing**: The ability to see auras and images around people that foretell the future.

Wolf Brother**: Heightened senses including smelling moods and night vision and the ability to communicate with wolves.

** = This Talent is unconnected to the One Power