To be Accepted is to be one step closer to being Aes Sedai. That step is even more arduous than the step from Novice to Accepted. While still children in the eyes of the Aes Sedai, they are children old enough to be trusted to push, question, and study. In comparison to a Novice, they are also old enough to know better; as such, punishments are both less likely and more severe for Accepted.

As with Novices, Accepted will spend years training before being tested as Aes Sedai. Most will spend between five and ten years as Accepted, while the strongest will complete their training in as few as three. Regardless of strength, it is nearly unheard of to spend less time as Accepted. Some women who would not otherwise qualify are raised to Accepted for political reasons; Queens of Andor have traditionally worn a Great Serpent ring in this way.

The extensive recruiting efforts of the Red Ajah have had their effects on Accepted as well. Though only one in five Novices become Accepted, the surge of new women studying and training has seen a major growth in their numbers.

Accepted are required to dress similarly to Novices. Unlike Novices, their dress has seven bands of color at the hen and cuffs, one for each Ajah. In addition, their are required to wear their Great Serpent ring on the third finger of their left hand.

The first few weeks of Accepted training are widely acknowledged as being far, far worse than anything a woman may experience as a Novice. The goal is to quickly weed out any who may have slipped through unqualified.

Those who refuse or are unable to manage their Accepted training are rare, but they are allowed to join the Kin as well. The White Tower does not easily let go of those with the potential to be Aes Sedai, however, and has done so willingly only a handful of times in the Fourth Age.

Behavior and Restrictions

Accepted are expected to push beyond the boundaries of a Novice, and are given slightly more leeway in behavior as a result. However, they are still held to strict standards; these clashing expectations are part of the molding of Accepted into a Aes Sedai.

While Accepted are allowed to speak to, learn from, and refer to Aes Sedai by name, they are still unlikely to form relationships with them, and are unlikely to know individual Aes Sedai well. Similarly, they are expected to not befriend or show favoritism toward Novices, though those chosen to lead Novice families are something of an exception. While a Novice is required to obey without question, Accepted are allowed and expected to question things, including Aes Sedai, though they are required to obey full Sisters nearly as quickly as a Novice would.

Accepted are expected to show proper dignity and decorum, and indeed many Accepted begin to practice the calm that characterizes Aes Sedai. They are expected to live as though they have already sworn the Three Oaths.

Accepted are forbidden from bonding a Warder. Indeed, the weave to bond someone is something that is only taught after one becomes Aes Sedai.

Running away is, perhaps, even less tolerated in an Accepted. While Accepted are able to leave the Tower, even the city of Tar Valon on rare occasions, attempts to flee are punished severely.

Accepted are allowed and expected to use the One Power without permission. They are no longer coddled or protected, either; while the Mistress of Novices remains in charge of discipline for Accepted, she no longer steps in to protect them, and Accepted are expected to refrain from running to the Mistress of Novices as well. Being sent to a farm and forbidden to touch saidar remains the worst punishment a woman can receive.

Accepted Training

Accepted, unlike Novices, are experienced enough with the One Power and are allowed to touch saidar without permission. They have gotten over their fear of channeling, and are able to explore channeling without step-by-step guidance.

In fact, for Accepted, only guidance that is specifically requested will he received. While some other Accepted and Aes Sedai will have lectures and smaller classes, Accepted are meant to direct their own study, as well as acquaint themselves with a great deal of knowledge both about the One Power and the world. On request, diligent Accepted are allowed to study at the Academy of the Blooming Rose in Andor, which specializes in history and political theory. This is often favored by Accepted interested in the Brown or Gray Ajah.

Accepted Quarters

The Accepted have larger rooms, and no roommates, and are found in a large structure attached to the White Tower. Hundreds of rooms are found in this mutli-floor structure, each with balconies overlooking a central garden. Each room is slightly wider at the back, with plain, dark paneled walls. Furnitures and fixtures can vary, but each is a significant improvement over the Novice rooms.

They have a slightly smaller dining area on the lowest floor of the Tower, with white walls and white tile floors. Tables are built to sit two or three.

Site Raising Requirements

Accepted to Aes Sedai:

-RP as an Accepted for one-month minimum

-Choose an Ajah (If there is a Head of that Ajah in play you should inform them. You will also need to inform the staff so that you can be assigned the correct icon upon raising.)

-12 posts minimum spanning over at least three threads meeting the requirements below.

Required Roleplays:

‣ A thread that displays the development of control in the One Power. This thread must include another character that can instruct them in channeling. (4 post minimum)

‣ A thread that displays the development of maturity in the character. This thread must include at least one other character. (4 post minimum)

‣ The Accepted to Aes Sedai raising test(100 Weaves) thread. This can be a solo thread. (1 post is acceptable as long as there is a 400-word count minimum)

How to Apply for Advancement

When you wish to be raised, please send a direct message to The Lace of Ages. After sending the DM, feel free to tag Kay on Discord (@senna) to make sure she got the message.

In your DM to staff:

Please tag your author account (@username):
Please tag your character account (@username):
Link to approved character biography:

As well as links to each of the required roleplay threads:

OP Control (4 post minimum):
Development of maturity (4 post minimum):
100 Weaves and swear the Three Oaths (1 post with a 400-word count minimum):

(Much of this information came from which is an excellent rescource that rivals the fandom wiki page on wikia.)

Test to Become Aes Sedai

The test to become Aes Sedai is an extreme challenge meant to determine whether one is able to maintain their calm in the face of constant attempts to endanger, distract, and inflict distress. There are no second chances offered.

Like the test to become Accepted, the initiate will be summoned by the Mistress of Novices and brought to the basement of the White Tower. There, in a room containing an oval ter’angreal, one Sister from each Ajah will conduct the test. They will surround the ter’angreal and the initiate, who must pass through the ring into a world devised by the Sisters conducting the test. In this world there will be one hundred six pointed stars carved into the ground; the initiate must find each, stand on it, and perform a specific weave. Each will have its own distraction designed to test them to their utmost. They will not recall the previous challenge, but injuries sustained are real and will remain with them.

When the last weave is complete, the Accepted will emerge and be told to remain silent about what occurred during their test. The Sisters are similarly told to be silent. Accepted who succeed will spend one final night to prepare themselves, then will be raised the next day. Those who fail are allowed to join the Kin or be put from the Tower entirely.

Tower Exchange Program

An exchange program between the Towers began in 112 FA

A year-long program to exchange Accepted/Dedicated between the White and Black Tower to foster goodwill.

Living quarters for students and chaparones were constructed at both towers. Most chaparones are from the Brown Ajah and the Spirit Legion.

Channelers attend the same classes, these classes will NOT pertain to channeling save for how to form circles.

The attendants will learn about forming circles with opposite sex channelers, the responsibilities of each Ajah/Legion, will be assigned group projects, given history lessons on both Towers, taught about bonding, and how they can be effective servants of the Light together.

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