The Black Tower

The Black Tower has risen with impeccable might from its humble farmhouse beginnings. It is now a multi-level tower in the grasslands of Caralain. The tower rises a hundred feet in the air and is in equal to the White Tower in its impressive height. Also akin to the White Tower, the Black Tower rises far above all the buildings within the towns of Caralain. Towns that have sprouted up like weeds since Tarmon Gai’don. Seen from all directions for miles, the Black Tower is a massive black stone fortress and an imposing sight to behold at that! Composed of all squared angles formed with a large stone and is utilitarian in design; it's made to withstand anything.

It is well fortified by a circle of 14 lookout towers that are inlaid within a black, saidin wrought, cuendillar wall. All of the Towers have entrances to their flat roofs which possess shoulder-high stone walls around the edges from which sentries are always posted at. There are seven stables budded up against their own large training yards. One yard for each Legion as well as one each for the Soldiers and Dedicated.

The training yards and stables are within the cuendillar wall yet also form an outer circle around the Black Tower. Also within the grounds of the Black Tower, between the Earth and Air Legion stables, is a large building that houses the forge. This is where the Tower's Power Wrought weapons are created.

The Black Tower has four entrances that lead North towards the Borderlands, East towards Cairhien, South towards Andor, and West towards Arad Doman. Each of them is well fortified and defend-able should there ever be an attack. There is also a secret underground tunnel that leads outside of the cuendillar wall but its existence is only known to the War Council and the M'Hael.

The Black Tower consists of several levels including an underground, guarded prison. Held within the cells are darkfriends, channelers who've broken the Black Tower laws, and enemies of the Dragon's Peace. The ground level of the Tower consists of the main Hearing Hall, the War Room, the War Council Debate Chambers, the Kitchens, the Courtroom, the Library, the Weapon Vault, and all other common rooms.

The next two floors consist of the Soldier and Dedicated living quarters while the 4 levels above them house each Legion of the Black Tower in 5 pie-shaped sections. Each Legion has their own private stairwell leading them to where they need to go. The level you are housed in goes by rank from lowest at the bottom ascending to the highest at the top. The levels are Asha’man, Lieutenants, Captains, and Captain Generals.

Above the Captain Generals is the level where the Tsorovan'm'hael and The Baijan'm'hael are housed. They each have half of that floor for their living spaces and studies. As for the top two levels of the Black Tower, those consist of the M’Hael’s personal study, library, kitchen, training room, washroom, and living quarters.


The Five Legions


The Fire Legion works closely with the Red Ajah of the White Tower, though not always happily. Together they travel the world seeking out those born with the ability to channel as well as those who may be able to learn and recruit them to the proper Tower for training. Those among the Fire Legion are the most likely to Bond Aes Sedai as Companions or be Bonded as a Warder though it is not unheard of in other Legions and Ajahs.


The Water Legion specialize in Healing above all other Talents, much like the Yellow Ajah of the White Tower. They were founded by Dahmer Flinn, an Asha'man who served under the Dragon and later became Captain General of the Water Legion. These Asha'man are the only who practice the newer version of Healing that involves all five of the powers, rather than just Air, Water and Spirit but not all, even with in the Legion, can boast such a talent.


The Earth Legion specialize in weapon and battle tactics, both with the Power and without. Many of the ranks fight in Borderlands along the Blight or find worth while endeavors throughout the world (i.e. fighting against the Seanchan Tai'shar or war advisors to the nations rulers). Few enjoy being tied to one place and often grow restless for a battle when too long in a peaceful place.


The Air Legion acts as the diplomats and emissaries to the nations on behalf of the Black Tower. They often work as negotiators or treaty makers along side the Gray Ajah of the White Tower or just as often against them. Among the other Legions, Air has the most extensive network of intelligence, useful for their purposes.


The Spirit Legion preoccupies itself with the gathering and distribution of knowldege, much like the Brown Ajah at the White Tower.


M'Hael - The highest in military rank of the Asha'man, he is Elected by the War Council. M'Hael means "leader" in the Old Tongue. He both leads the Black Tower, and the country of Caralain.

Tsorovan'm'hael (Storm Leader) and The Baijan'm'hael (Attack Leader) are appointed by the M’Hael and they’re a bit like the MoN and MotY, but also advisors to the M’Hael and second only to his authority.

Captain General - The five Captain-Generals (one per per Legion) make up the War Council. The War Council meets rarely, It’s not as parliamentary as the Hall. They only convene when something particularly concerning to all Legions/the Tower itself comes up. Their biggest duty is electing new M’Haels, but they also serve as judges for any male channeler accused of crimes against Caralain, the Tower and/or the Dragon’s Peace. The M’Hael can override their decision (excepting obviously the raising or deposing of a M’Hael) but if the Tsorovan and Baijan’m’haels stand with the Council, his override is overridden.

Captain - Each Legion has three captains. Each of those are appointed to certain theaters:

North: the Borderlands + Blight (Saldaea, Kandor, Arafel, Shienar, Malkier)
South: Nations along the Sea of Storms (Tear, Illian, Murandy, Far Madding)
West: Nations along the Aryth Ocean (Arad Doman and Tai'Seanchan)
Central Nations are under the purview of the BT (Andor, Manetheren, Cairhien, Caralain)

Captains are usually stationed wherever their Legion is most heavily concentrated. Earth, for example, will likely have a larger presence in the North. Water would also probably have a stronger presence in the North. Air might have a stronger presence in the West, because of the Seanchan. Fire would probably be the most evenly distributed, with a slightly higher presence in the Central Nations because of their partnership with the Red Ajah of the White Tower, and because of the higher population density in that area. Spirit will probably be based heavily at the BT, but will branch out to nations with notable libraries and places of knowledge.

They make frequent status updates to their Captain-General via Traveler messenger and/or Dream Walkers, receiving orders in the same manner. The day-to-day running of the Legions is on the Captains, under the command of the Captain Generals, who answer to the M’Hael.

Lieutenant - Captains choose Lieutenants as point men on the ground in specific nations. They report directly to their captain and oversee the Black Tower's business in their assigned nation.

Asha'man - They wear the silver sword pin as well as a gold-and-red Dragon pin on the right side of their collars. They are equivalent to a full Aes Sedai in the White Tower. While they do have more freedom than Soldiers and Dedicated, they are still expected to follow the command of more senior Asha'man. Mostly independent agents, they operate alone or in pairs, carrying out missions and directives issued by their Lieutenants. They are typically stationed somewhere with a directive, but how they accomplish that is completely up to them. They report directly to their Lieutenant, especially in case of emergencies or large-scale conflict.

Dedicated - Those who have advanced to a certain level of skill; they wear a silver sword pin on the left side of their collars. They are equivalent to an Accepted in the White Tower. Their training is exploring the roles of the different Legions to learn and also to see which one they’d like to join. Depending on the Legion, that can mean that they are rarely in Caralain/BT and instead are sent on missions by Lieutenants along side the Asha'man.

Soldier - The lowest rank; they wear no decoration on the collars of their distinctive black coats and are equivalent to a novice in the White Tower. Unlike novices, Soldiers are required to carry out all chores with the One Power. Soldiers are only allowed outside of Caralain/BT if they have been given instruction to do so by a Lieutenant or Higher and are accompanied by a full Asha’man or Higher.


Advancement decisions are made at the Captain level, who in addition to watching their own Legions, also evaluate new recruits who are recommended by regular Asha'men for advancement. Any Captain can promote a Soldier to Dedicated. Going from Dedicated to Asha'man requires approval from all three Captains of the Legion they wish to join. These Captains also elect the Captain Generals of their Legions who make up the War Council.


Roleplay Requirements for Advancement

Soldier to Dedicated:

-RP as a Soldier for one month minimum

Required Roleplays:

‣ Weapons/martial combat training, either independently or with another Black Tower Character (3 post minimum)

‣ Three chores using the One Power (3 post minimum)

‣ Character building/progression (This can be training, interactions with another character that significantly impact your character, punishment, chores, etc. (note: required RPs listed above cannot also count for this requirement) (5 post minimum)

‣ A mission with an Asha’man, Captain, Captain-General, Baijan'm'hael, Tsorovan'm'hael or M’Hael (5 post minimum)

Dedicated to Asha’man:

‣ RP as a Dedicated for one month minimum

‣ Choose a Legion (If there is a Captain of that Legion in play you should inform them. You will also need to inform the staff so that you can be assigned the correct icon upon raising.)

Required Roleplays:

‣ Weapons/martial combat training, either independently or with another Black Tower Character (3 post minimum)

‣ One Power combat training, either independently or with another Black Tower Character (3 post minimum and cannot also be used for the weapons/martial combat training requirement)

‣ Assign and oversee three Soldier chores (3 post minimum)

‣ Character building (See note on Soldier to Dedicated character building) (5 post minimum)

‣ Complete a mission with an Asha’man, Captain, Captain-General, Baijan'm'hael, Tsorovan'm'hael or M’Hael (5 post minimum)

Notes and Tips

There will be no special treatement or exceptions to the above requirements. You are free to create characters who have already advanced to any level of Asha'man. These requirements are put into place to make raising more realistic within the RP setting. Regardless of how good your RPs usually are, how long you’ve been with us, and how active you are, you must fufill the above requirements to advance.

Advancement should be a realisitic next step for your character beyond just meeting the required posts. Regardless of how much roleplaying you have done, if your character is not mature enough to be raised, you will remain at your current level until he is. We are looking to see that you recognize your character’s strengths and weaknesses, and that he realistically deserves to be raised to the next level.

Also keep in mind that your mission threads are very important, they are going to be like the equivalent to an Aes Sedai test! Therefore you should strive to make them your best example of roleplay up to this point; and show us something that would realistically trigger your character being seen as ready for advancement.


How to Apply for Advancement

When you wish to be raised, please send a direct message to our M’Hael, Jadin al'Vyron. After sending the DM, feel free to tag Jenny on Discord (@jenaroni) to make sure she got the message.

In your DM to the M'Hael:

Please tag your author account (@username):
Please tag your character account (@username):
Link to approved character biography:

As well as links to each of the required roleplay threads:

Weapons/martial combat training (3 posts minimum):
3 Chores with the OP do or assign (3 posts minimum):
OP Training – Dedicated only (3 posts minimum):
Character building (3 posts minimum):
Mission (5 posts minimum):


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