The Black Tower

The Black Tower has risen with impeccable might from its humble farmhouse beginnings. It is now a multi-level tower in the grasslands of Caralain. The tower rises a hundred feet in the air and is in equal to the White Tower in its impressive height. Also akin to the White Tower, the Black Tower rises far above all the buildings within the towns of Caralain. Towns that have sprouted up like weeds since Tarmon Gai’don. Seen from all directions for miles, the Black Tower is a massive black stone fortress and an imposing sight to behold at that! Composed of all squared angles formed with a large stone and is utilitarian in design; it's made to withstand anything.

It is well fortified by a circle of 16 lookout towers that are inlaid within a black, saidin wrought, cuendillar wall. All of the Towers have entrances to their flat roofs which possess shoulder-high stone walls around the edges from which sentries are always posted at. There is a stable budded up against the large training yard. The training yard and stables are within the cuendillar wall yet also form an outer circle around the Black Tower. Also within the grounds of the Black Tower, between the Earth and Air Legion stables, is a large building that houses the forge. This is where the Tower's Power Wrought weapons are created.

The Black Tower has four entrances that lead North towards the Borderlands, East towards Cairhien, South towards Andor, and West towards Arad Doman. Each of them is well fortified and defend-able should there ever be an attack. There is also a secret underground tunnel system that leads outside of the cuendillar wall but its existence is only known to the War Council and the M'Hael.

The Black Tower consists of several levels including an underground, guarded prison. Held within the cells are darkfriends, channelers who've broken the Black Tower laws, and enemies of the Dragon's Peace. The ground level of the Tower consists of the main Hearing Hall, the War Room, the War Council Debate Chambers, the Kitchens, the Courtroom, the Library, the Weapon Vault, and all other common rooms.

The next two floors consist of the Soldier and Dedicated living quarters while the 4 levels above them house each Legion of the Black Tower in 5 pie-shaped sections. Each Legion has their own private stairwell leading them to where they need to go. The level you are housed in goes by rank from lowest at the bottom ascending to the highest at the top. The levels are Asha’man, Lieutenants, Captains, and Captain Generals.

Above the Captain Generals is the level where the Tsorovan'm'hael and The Baijan'm'hael are housed. They each have half of that floor for their living spaces and studies. As for the top two levels of the Black Tower, those consist of the M’Hael’s personal study, library, kitchen, training room, washroom, and living quarters.