Current Events

The Black Ajah, is still working towards refilling its ranks, but it is possibly the strongest of the factions, by virtue of its head having such close ties to the only remaining Chosen.

Avyanna is working on bringing Elonwy, Elaira, and Ranai into the fold, while Zamira plies her charms on Calina and Gareth. Moranna is tasked with swaying Terron and Shareyn.

It has been proposed that Neserin would be easily drawn to the Dark if she were promised the destruction of the Black Tower.

Hierarchy Structure

The Black Ajah was completely eradicated in the Third Age. The hearts proved to be a faulty system and a new structure was devised by the mother of shadows herself, Moghedien. The Black Ajah has been designed to reflect its creator, instead of hearts there are the legs of the spider. Moghedien appointed Avyanna Sarat its head, known only to her four second in commands, who make up the body. The four members of the body control two legs each, with each member of the leg knowing only the body part they belong to and each body part knowing only the members of their leg and the head, but not each other.