One Power Weaves

From the Wheel of Time Wiki:

"A weave, also known as a web, is a combination of One Power flows. There are five different flows that can be manipulated with the One Power: Air, Earth, Fire, Spirit, and Water; these are known as the Five Powers. Each of the Five Powers produces a different effect when woven. For example, weaving Fire on a candle wick ignites it, lighting the candle. More complex weaves require more than one flow to be used, but produce more spectacular results."

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Explanations of what each weave does can be found below:

Allowed: Feel free to use this weave so long as you have enough strength to do so.

Illegal: You may use these so long as the other person agrees beforehand. If you are caught using these in character you will be punished in character.

Forbidden: These absolutely may not be used. Don't even ask.

This is not an exhaustive list. You can use or learn to use any of these if you have the strength to do so and so long as they aren't forbidden.

Strength Requirements

Weave Air Earth Fire Spirit Water
Arrows of Fire - 7 7 - -
Balefire 7 7 7 7 7
Blossoms of Fire 7 7 7 - -
Bonding - - - 5 -
Caressing the Child - - - 5 -
Compulsion - - - 7 -
Deathgate - 7 7 7 -
Finder - - - 5 -
Folded Light 7 - - 5 -
Inverting Weaves 3 3 3 3 3
Keeping Weave 3 - - 5 -
Reversed Channeling 3 3 3 3 3
Skimming 5 - - 5 -
Traveling - - 6 6 -
Unweaving 3 3 3 3 3
Warding - - - 3 -


Arrows of Fire: Shoots of fire thrown from the fingertips.

Balefire: Balefire is an extremely dangerous weapon of the One Power. It actually destroys the thread of existence back into time, the time being proportional to the strength of the beam. Balefire was used in the War of Power destroying entire cities until it was learned that excessive use of balefire could threaten the existence of the entire Pattern.

Blossoms of Fire: A tall, narrow cylinder of fire that suddenly expands to a disc destroying everything it touches

Bonding: Creating a shared bond of emotion, physical state and knowledge of whereabouts. This can either be a Warder bond a "sibling" bond where to people are linked together as siblings or some other sort.

Caressing the Child: The ability to detect the health and condition of a pregnant woman and her unborn child.

Compulsion: Used to control the emotions and actions of others against their will.

Deathgate: A gateway for Traveling that is made to run along the ground by adding Earth. It cuts through anything it touches.

Finder: A weave of Spirit applied to an object that gives the weaver a sense of direction and distance to the object, much like the Warder bond.

Folded Light: The ability to bend light around oneself rendering the person invisible. This weave is closely related to the Talent Illusion.

Inverting Weaves: Weaves can be inverted so that only the person who created the weave can see it.

Keeping Weave: A weave that protects a perishable object and keeps it permanently fresh.

Reversed Channeling: A complex ability; the skill to mask one's ability to channel, or one's strength, and to mask the fact that one is holding the Source or weaving the Power. An almost-unknown skill; those who know it very rarely teach it to others.

Skimming: The ability to open a gateway to a dark dimension (not well defined or understood), move through that dimension, and open another gateway back into the real world in a different location. Skimming requires detailed knowledge of the place one is Skimming to.

Traveling: The ability to open a gateway directly from one location to another. Anyone of sufficient strength and knowledge can Travel. Traveling requires detailed knowledge of the place one is Traveling from.

Unweaving: The ability to take apart a One Power weave as opposed to letting it fade naturally. This can be dangerous.

Warding**: Wards can be used to give warning, to block eavesdropping and even to kill. The first two uses are allowed and commonly used by almost all who can channel. The third use is, of course, illegal.