Current Events

Darkfriends can be found everywhere, in all walks of life, and the Black Tower is no exception. Those who served the shadow in the Last Battle showed their allegiance then, but the Black Tower recruits new men every day.

Though there were Darkfriends in the Black Tower, the Shadow Legion didn’t solidify into a formal cabal until after the reopening of the Bore in Seanchan. Officially, it was led by Atal, using one of the Darkfriends who had already infiltrated the Asha’man (Zamon) as a proxy within the Black Tower. Atal himself worked closely with Moghedien in Seanchan.

The Shadow Legion and the Black Ajah worked together to keep the two Towers from joining forces. As the difficulty of that task increased over time, they found themselves resorting to desperate measures. They murdered Merise Sedai in her sleep, causing the Warder bond to incapacitate M’Hael Jahar Narishma, whom they took care of after he stepped down.

The Shadow Legion had a part in helping Rahlin Dovreh be chosen by the War Council and Zamon became Rahlin’s personal healer. Rahlin was ripe for their machinations and was easier to manipulate than expected. His strong dislike of Aes Sedai was flamed into hatred even more quickly than expected, and the two Towers were soon at war.

After Rhalin was deposed, many of the Shadow Legion who had been prominent supporters of his fled the Tower. Some fled during the war as well. Among those was Zamon, who had been tipped off by Avyanna. The two had grown to respect each other while working together and she sang his praises to Moghedien.

The Spider sent Zamon into the Blight with a group of former Shadow Brothers to work with Liandrin and Alviarin on creating a new army for the Dark Lord.

Most of the Asha’man who fled however, came to Seanchan under Atal’s command. There they followed his orders and became the first male sul’dam, training Seanchan male channelers to use the One Power with the aid of female sul’dam. Moghedien, not eager to share power with anyone, promptly betrayed them, and soon there were no male sul’dam, only male damane. Atal became her personal pet.

In the absence of Atal, Zamon, and most of its members, the Shadow Legion has been in disarray since the Tower War. The Darkfriends who reman among the Asha’man are jockeying for power. In an attempt to one up each other, and the other factions under Moghedien, some of the Shadow brothers went rogue in an assassination attempt, forcing Zamon’s faction to act before they intended. Those who ruined Moghedien’s carefully crafted plans to assassinate the Tower leaders after the bonding were severely punished and the Shadow Legion has very few remaining members and little to no leadership.