Hierarchy Structure

M'Hael - The highest in military rank of the Asha'man, he is Elected by the War Council. M'Hael means "leader" in the Old Tongue. He both leads the Black Tower, and the country of Caralain.

Tsorovan'm'hael (Storm Leader) and The Baijan'm'hael (Attack Leader) are appointed by the M’Hael and they’re a bit like the MoN and MotY, but also advisors to the M’Hael and second only to his authority.

Captain General - The five Captain-Generals (one per per Legion) make up the War Council. The War Council meets rarely, It’s not as parliamentary as the Hall. They only convene when something particularly concerning to all Legions/the Tower itself comes up. Their biggest duty is electing new M’Haels, but they also serve as judges for any male channeler accused of crimes against Caralain, the Tower and/or the Dragon’s Peace. The M’Hael can override their decision (excepting obviously the raising or deposing of a M’Hael) but if the Tsorovan and Baijan’m’haels stand with the Council, his override is overridden.

Captain - Each Legion has four captains. Each of those is appointed to a certain theater:

North: the Borderlands + Blight (Saldaea, Kandor, Arafel, Shienar, Malkier)
South: Nations along the Sea of Storms (Tear, Illian, Murandy, Far Madding)
West: Nations along the Aryth Ocean (Arad Doman and Tai'Seanchan)
Central: Nations nearest to the BT (Andor, Manetheren, Cairhien, Caralain)

They make frequent status updates to their Captain-General via Traveler messenger and/or Dream Walkers, receiving orders in the same manner. The day-to-day running of the Legions is on the Captains, under the command of the Captain Generals, who answer to the M’Hael.

Lieutenant - Captains choose Lieutenants as point men on the ground in specific nations. They report directly to their captain and oversee the Black Tower's business in their assigned nation.

Asha'man - They wear the silver sword pin as well as a gold-and-red Dragon pin on the right side of their collars. They are equivalent to a full Aes Sedai in the White Tower. While they do have more freedom than Soldiers and Dedicated, they are still expected to follow the command of more senior Asha'man. Mostly independent agents, they operate alone or in pairs, carrying out missions and directives issued by their Lieutenants. They are typically stationed somewhere with a directive, but how they accomplish that is completely up to them. They report directly to their Lieutenant, especially in case of emergencies or large-scale conflict.

Dedicated - Those who have advanced to a certain level of skill; they wear a silver sword pin on the left side of their collars. They are equivalent to an Accepted in the White Tower. Their training is exploring the roles of the different Legions to learn and also to see which one they’d like to join. Depending on the Legion, that can mean that they are rarely in Caralain/BT and instead are sent on missions by Lieutenants along side the Asha'man.

Soldier - The lowest rank; they wear no decoration on the collars of their distinctive black coats and are equivalent to a novice in the White Tower. Unlike novices, Soldiers are required to carry out all chores with the One Power. Soldiers are only allowed outside of Caralain/BT if they have been given instruction to do so by a Lieutenant or Higher and are accompanied by a full Asha’man or Higher.



Advancement decisions are made at the Captain level, who in addition to watching their own Legions, also evaluate new recruits who are recommended by regular Asha'men for advancement. Any Captain can promote a Soldier to Dedicated. Going from Dedicated to Asha'man requires approval from all four Captains of the Legion they wish to join. These Captains also elect the Captain Generals of their Legions who make up the War Council.



Previous M'Haels

111 FA - 112 FA

Jadin Al'Vyron

78 FA - 111 FA

Androl Genhald

69 FA - 78 FA

Rahlin Dovreh

27 FA - 69 FA

Jahar Narishma

1000 FY - 27 FA

Logain Ablar

Second in Command



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The War Council


Captain Generals

See individual Legion pages for current and former Captain Generals.