Current Events

For all the rumors of a legion of evil assassins hiding in the shadows, gossip that certain individuals find prudent to propagate, the Nai’al Cor doesn’t boast a particularly large roster, relying instead on quality. Over the years since its establishment, it has become the subject of both awe and apprehension.

Their most recent exploits were thrown off course by Shadow Legion members trying to make a name for themselves. Instead of assassinating the M'Hael after the bonding ceremony for the greatest effect, he was murdered before the bond could take place, much to the dismay of Moghedien.

The Dark Assassins

The Nai'al Cor are a group of highly skilled assasins who go through a brutal training program, developed over a few decades, intended to create deadly human weapons who are irrevocably obedient to their Dreadlord Masters.

Their Origin

Assassins and their ilk have always existed. They thrive in times of darkness and strife, while times of peace lead to their retreat into what few shadows remain. This was the case in the years following the Dragon's Peace. Forced to adapt to changing times, some began to serve more exclusively by entering into longer term contracts with one or two individuals.

One such contract first sparked the idea of a coalition. This contract, held by a Illianer noble, allowed the accumulation of immense wealth and influence. The noble's son, who would later become the Dreadlord Zamon, held far greater ambitions. If a single contract could accomplish so much, what could several united together achieve?

After being recruited to the shadow by Atal, that question haunted Zamon until he decided to answer it himself. Through the efforts of his contracted servant, inherited upon his father's death, Zamon sought out other highly skilled individuals. The men and women who accepted his offer of employment became the first members of an alliance that would come to be called the Nai'al Cor. They each swore to serve Zamon, their contracts reinforced with a low-level Compulsion tied to an innate desire or need to ensure their absolute loyalty.

Zamon was originally recruited by Atal to be his inside man in the Black Tower, but frequently had the Shadow Legion working in tandem with the Black Ajah after Atal joined Moghedien in Seanchan.

Their main collaborative effort was in creating friction between the two Towers. Avyanna worked on Rahlin within dreams, while Zamon served as the M'Hael's personal Healer and confidante, concealing the signs of Avy's work while encouraging the ideas she implanted. The alliance between the Shadow Legion and the Black Ajah led to the War of the Towers.

Impressed with his efforts, Moghedien, through Avyanna, warned Zamon of Rahlin's imminent downfall, allowing him to escape the Black Tower unscathed. Moghedien further rewarded Zamon with a promotion, putting him above Liandrin and Alviarin, for whom she had little trust.


53 FA: Nikon Koneos den Thanasis is recruited by Atal to the Shadow; he selects the name "Zamon" as his Dreadlord persona and begins seeking contracts with skilled assasins.

64 FA: Liandrin and Alviarin oversee the construction of their base in The Blight.

78 FA: Zamon flees the Black Tower and takes up permanent residence at the base, formally establishing the Nai'al Cor. He begins his experiments and the Nai'al Cor begin to increase recruitment.


The headquarters of the Nai'al Cor, where Zamon resides and its members are trained, is an aggressively guarded secret. Even most of the rank and file, who spend years within its walls, are ignorant of it. Only three facts are commonly known amongst its members: it is somewhere within The Blight, it is underground, it is accessible only by Traveling.

Hierarchy Structure

Dreadlord: Zamon
Base Commander: Rieht
Field Commander: Sahlen
"The Named"
Rank and File


The initial members rose as the de facto lieutenants of the Nai'al Cor, with Zamon granting each a Name in the Old Tongue, representative of their area of expertise, to cement their roles. All who ascend do so only by the will of their Lord. Occasionally, however, one of the current Named has presented a candidate for his appraisal.

Shadar Feia: "shadow speaker"
Specialty: liaisons with the Grey Men
Status: Role filled by Liandrin and Alviarin

Vasen: "arrow"
Specialty: archery, reconnaissance, communication
Status: Open

Vadin: "barrier"
Specialty: defense, strategy, armory
Status: Open

Sahlen: "attention"
Specialty: recruitment, espionage
Status: Open

Rieht: "balance"
Specialty: knives, swordplay, infiltration
Status: Reserved by Queen

Khadi: "bone"
Specialty: torture, interrogation
Status: Open

Yamar: "edge"
Specialty: battlefield medicine, triage
Status: Open

Shae: "dog"
Specialty: bonded to Zamon
Status: Role filled by Shae