Shadowspawn of the Third Age

In the Fourth Age, with the reawakening of the Blight, many Shadowspawn have returned, as well as the appearance of several new terrors. Below are listed the Shadowspawn from previous Ages and their status in the Fourth Age. Click on their names to see their full descriptions on the Wiki.

Creatures from Previous ages:

Jumara/Worm - these Shadowspawn can still be found in the Blight, though many were killed as the Blight receeded and they are much rarer now, making them an endangered species.

Trolloc - they are currently at roughly half their pre Tarmon Gai'don numbers. Those who survived after the Last Battle have evolved to a Narg level of intelligence, but those created in the Fourth Age are in line with most trollics from previous ages.

Myrddraal - they are currently at about half their pre Tarmon Gai'don numbers.

Stick - these Shadowspawn can still be found in the Blight, though many were killed as the Blight receeded and they are much rarer now, making them an endangered species.

Disfigured bears with a lot of legs - These Shadowspawn were completely erradicated and are extinct in the Fourth Age.

Hundred Lakes monster - This Shadowspawn was defeated by Lan Mandragoran and el'Nynaeve ti al'Meara Mandragoran prior to the rebuilding of Malkier in 8FA.

Draghkar - In their service to the Shadow, the Dreadlords corrupted humans to create some of the Shadowspawn and the Draghkar are among the products of this corruption. They were wiped out after the last battle. It is unknown if anyone is attempting to recreate them.

Gray Men - Gray Men, also known as Soulless, are not constructs but men (and sometimes women) who have given their souls to the Dark One. The process renders them almost completely unnoticeable. While the Gray Men are not invisible in the literal sense, they are used primarily as assassins because of their ability to effectively infiltrate any location or situation completely unnoticed. It is unknown how many there are.

Gholam - It is unknown if any of the original 6 are still in existance, no more have been created.

Cafar - A very unpleasant creature, referred to as "bloodwrasps". They live in nests, but are currently still locked away in a stasis box.

Forgers - Forgers are thick, slow-moving man shapes that seem hacked out of the mountain of Shayol Ghul. Their sole purpose is to forge the blades of Myrddraal on the slopes of Shayol Ghul. They were completely destroyed after the last battle, and have not been recreated. Therefore, fades no longer have poison blades.

Zomara - Believed to be extinct, though Da'Covale in Seanchan are being experimented on to create new ones in this age.

Below you can find the Shadowspawn new to the Fourth Age.

Note: All “real world” measurements have been converted to their WoT equivalent as per this table


Dovie' Muaghde

Art credit: originally painted by Peter Bergting in Dragon Magazine 336.

Name: Dovie' Muaghde (From the old tongue: Dovie, meaning "luck" and Muaghde, meaning "meat")

Common Name: Burr Bug

Size: They can grow up to an inch in length

Description: A Burr Bug is a tiny parasitic worm which invades a host by burrowing into their skin. A painless round, firm, ulcer appears at the spot where the worm entered the body. The wound is painless because of a numbing agent secreted in the bug's saliva. The burr bug feeds on fat and can occasionally do very little damage to it's host if it implants itself into a large supply of visceral fat. However, the bugs often travel to fatty organs such as the liver and even the brain.

Creature creation credit: The Dark One



Feather tattoo design by jedrass

Name: Se'ya (From the old tongue: Se, a reflexive pronoun, meaning themselves and ya, meaning my own)

Common Name: Mirror-me

Size: Human size

Description:They are human-like creatures that start out human, but later, through the use of a ter'angreal, gain the ability to change their form to look like anyone they want, living or dead.

The ter'angreal used to transform a human into a mirror-me becomes a part of the mirror-me. It is a tattoo created in the mirror-me's skin with the One Power. To transform into another person's appearance, the mirror-me must have direct contact with the person they want to turn into, on the tattoo itself. This can be achieved by having the person touch their tattoo, or by rubbing their bodily fluids on the tattoo.

The tattoo is the only thing on the mirror-me that remains constant, and if removed, it would lose the ability to change forms.

When a mirror-me takes the shape of the person they choose, they shed their old skin, teeth, and nails. When they change into the person's physical appearance they can also mimic their voice, posture and movement, and wounds - even very serious ones. As they change their form easily, Mirror-mes can heal wounds quickly, making most wounds non-fatal. They can even replace small body parts such as ears or a big piece of skin. They possess quicker reflexes than typical humans, and have greater agility and speed. They can be sensed by animals however, as most beasts (wild and domestic) become increasingly agitated in their presence.

Creature creation credit: The Dark One



Artist unkown

Name: Velarei (from velin and darei, meaning feather and spear, respectively)

Common Name: Shrikes

Size: Large Avian (Body is 1 Foot, Wings are 1 Span)

Description: At some point in their genealogy, and as is true for many of their Blighted brethren, these creatures were once normal birds. Their progenitor species primarily feeds on insects and small mammals, and while their tainted offspring are capable of taking on larger prey, the key trait of the species that inspired its common name, has been preserved. These birds will take the corpses of their prey and impale them on anything sharp and readily available. The original purpose of this was to simply store food in a location that was hard to access for competitors, but given the proclivity of the velarei for doing so in locations where the speared bodies will be easily seen, it is theorized that it now serves the additional purpose of marking territory.

The Shadowspawn variant’s name was additionally derived from the fact that the foremost feathers on their wings are as razor sharp as their beak and talons. While a single individual is usually not enough to kill a grown man, especially one that is armed, that won’t stop it from trying. Fending one off isn’t impossible, but it will deal quite a bit of damage in the process. The best defense against the velarei, therefore, is a ranged offense. A harder feat to accomplish than say, however, as their usual mode of attack is to dive bomb their prey, aiming for the back of the neck, where the spine is most vulnerable.

Creature creation credit: Tseia



Featured photo of a sundew (Drosera species) from Madagascar by William Hoyer

Name: Avendemordero (Old Tongue: Tree of Death)

Common Name: Sweet Death

Size: The size of an average tree, varies depending on age.

Description: Known as the Sweet Death, this tree is a living carnivore that uses its outward beauty and sweet fragrance to lure in its prey within the Blight. Although most flora living within the Blight are sickly and diseased and have a tendency to attack all intruders, the Sweet Death particularly seeks out the unwary traveler to feast upon their flesh.

All who travel within the Blight for whatever reason would do well to stay away from even the faintest hint of colour within the Blight that does not look diseased. However, as this tree has never been seen outside the Blight, there are very few (and likely none among the Light) who even guess about the existence about this particular abomination, and therefore few know how to defend themselves from it.

Although carnivorous per se, what the Sweet Tree does is that it paralyses those unlucky enough to draw close enough for its tendrils to touch. The red filaments then proceed to dissolve and slowly dissolve flesh that can be injested by the tree itself. The merest contact with its leaves or flowers cause paralysis, leaving the victim easy prey and defenseless against the Sweet Death as it closes in.

Creature creation credit: Arani



Photo source:

Name: Souvra'zintabar (Old Tongue: Mind Poison)

Common Name: Mind Mold

Size: Normally one hand in size. Varies depending on age.

Description:This mold grows naturally on trees in the blight, though can be cultivated using the spores in a controlled environment. For those that have already given their souls to the Dark One, the spores have no effect. Normally the mold, when inhaled, makes the victim more susceptible to the Dark One's touch. It makes people more rebellious and gullible, easier to sway with words.

The spores, as they latch on to the mind of the subject, react poorly if that person is linked to another, such as the Warder or Aiel bonds. The mold causes a range of symptoms including headaches, fever, memory loss, immobility, then death. Without treatment it is usually fatal, though they are only infectious to those that share their bond.

It is possible to heal this using the One Power, though doing so destroys the mold and makes it far more difficult to trace it. Anyone who survives the dangerous affects Souvra'zintabar through mundane means cannot be infected again.

Creature creation credit: AJ